If you say that you don’t occasionally google wedding dresses and drool over them then you’d be lying


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I understand that with this post I am veering slightly off the topic of wearable student fashion that this blog focuses on. However, I’ve fallen completely in love with a collection of wedding dresses by a Barcelonian bridal house called Pronovias and, if experience serves me rightly, I’m pretty sure that most girls love looking at wedding dresses no matter what their fiance/boyfriend/chirpsing/forever alone situation may be, so you are welcome. The whole effect is a little lace-curtain, a little K-Middy and undeniably beautiful. The beauty of the internet is that you can drool over things as much as you like without risking getting any of it on the dresses. You can see the collection here.


Meet the Hickey Sweater


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Afternoon all. I’ve been in a bit of a rubbish mood for the last few days so I haven’t had the motivation to wear anything beyond jeans and a hoody, but today is a new day; the sun is shining (ish), the tank is clean, and we are getting ou- the tank is clean.

Being serious though, the Olympic torch is coming to Portsmouth today, so I think it’s the perfect occasion to actually make an effort.

I’m aware that I’ve worn an outfit very similar to this before; consider this, if you will, the mildly overcast version. I’ve paired my New Look high-waisted lace shorts with a plain grey polo neck sweater (which I call my ‘hickey sweater’; I wore this once to hide a giant lovebite from my parents. I swear that is not my reason for wearing it today!) and finished the look off with pink ankle socks and a long seahorse necklace from boohoo.com.

I also thought I’d show off my age-old New Look raincoat; I don’t tend to get much wear out of this coat as I usually wear coats for warmth as opposed to dryness, but it has protected me perfectly well against the freak July rain that we’ve been having.

Dressy at Dinner


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Last night the boyfriend and I battled through the grisly weather to go out for dinner, and before we left I took a few very rushed (and therefore slightly blurry, sorry! I also may have forgotten to smile…) photos of what I was wearing.

Unfortunately my camera dims colours a bit, but you get the gist; I paired a dusky orange H&M dress with a navy New Look sweater that I bought during that whole Cheryl/military phase. Due to the British July weather I tried to warm up with a pair of tights and thick Primark socks, and I finished everything off with my hench boots and a spritz of Flowerbomb perfume. I’ve been wearing this perfume ever since my first semester at University, and apparently shortly after I first bought it Aston of JLS fame said something along the lines of ‘if girls keep wearing flowerbomb I’ll be married soon’, so now whenever I tell people the name of my perfume, they respond with a little smile and ‘ahh, you’re a JLS fan then?’

I suppose it’s not the worst association, but I’m more of a Marvin person myself.

We’re all going on a summer holiday (sort of)


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The reason that I haven’t posted in a while is pretty much the same (yet not quite as exciting) as Lizzie’s reason; I’ve been away avec mes parentes on the Norfolk Broads. Considering I’m slobbing about in jeans and a baggy jumper today (don’t judge me; have you looked outside?) I thought I’d do a quick post on what I wore on my holiday.

On Monday (first picture) the weather wasn’t perfect, so I wore my New Look cat jumper with my navy midi skirt, clear tights and hench boots. Clear tights were really handy on this holiday, as obviously when you holiday in England you’re not guaranteed lovely weather, so chucking on some tights and a mac can warm you up a tad without begrudging you the chance to get your pins out.

On Tuesday (second picture) I paired my green Miss Selfridge dress with the aforementioned cat jumper and, once again, my hench boots. I also stole my mother’s mac when it started to drizzle, but this was all worth it when we bumped into baby pygmy goats. I cannot begin to explain how adorable they were.

From Wednesday onwards we were blessed with glorious sunshine, so I embraced that in striped short-shorts and an orange collared top, both from New Look. I finished this off with my River Island trilby (which is from the men’s section, but I have a unusually large head. Or perhaps men who shop at River Island have unusually small heads? We will never know). I wore that trilby again on Thursday with heart-shaped sunnies, my floral New Look crop-top and my high-waisted H&M skirt. Et voila.

I apologise if I’ve gone tediously on and on in this post, but I just had too much to say! I’m not going to include absolutely everything I wore because I recycled a lot of stuff, and sometimes, such as when I was in the shower, I wasn’t wearing anything at all, and I don’t think it’d be wholly appropriate to post a picture of that on here.



you can’t buy happiness, but you can buy tea, and thats kind of the same thing

 I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry…. have I said it enough yet? No I didn’t die, but I have a good excuse for my absence – I was gallivanting all over Europe on an interrail trip! This provided many hilarious/terrifying moments, but not many fashion-y ones (interrailing is many things, but glamorous is not one of them. Most days catching trains took priority over wardrobe choices sadly) so not much Floordrobe content.

Since I’ve been back in good old Blighty I’ve had to pack away the summer clothes (as per), but the other day did take a little road trip to a nearby town with a pretty abbey (don’t tell me I don’t know how to have fun) for a little wander. We usually go there for the vintage shops, but we forgot it was Sunday and they were all closed, sadface. 


This dress was an utter bargain at £10 from H&M. Yes it is 2 sizes too big for me, but that is a thing I do not consider a problem when its ten freaking british pounds, and such a versatile dress. Besides, I can winch it in with the waist ties. Wearing with my trusty Minnetonka moccasins, bracelets from my trip and an old-as-hell Topshop satchel.


Super Simple Sandals

This post is about sandals, obviously. So, I apologise if you hate feet (as much as I hate my own) because there is a picture (although, I rubbish one)…

I’m out in Germany for the summer now and the weather so far has been sunny, yay! A few weeks ago I was hunting for some new sandals as last years rubbed my poor pinkys to death when I wore them this year. When it comes to sandals I like something really easy and would generally just go for a flip flop but they’re no good for an impromptu game of badminton in the garden.

Cue these new colourful bargains from the Aldo sale, just what I need walking around in the garden (to and from the sun lounger/BBQ).


There are loads of sandals like this around at the moment (my second choice were some “Get The Look” ones from Next) so I was spoiled for choice but I ended up going for these because they were leather and brighter coloured. I’m wearing them with my yellow shorts and a cream top with a tonne of sun cream (and I still look red already, cry!).

Posh in Prints


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Afternoon! It’s not quite as warm in Portsmouth today as it has been recently, so I’ve decided to cover up a little (my mother would jump for joy if she knew I’d said that), and as I have a school governor meeting tonight it’s important that I look a little bit smart too. Therefore:

While digging around in the back of my wardrobe I found an old pair of jet black skinnies which, after much jumping and tugging and jiggling and wiggling about, I managed to squish myself into; however, once I’d done this I realised I didn’t look in the label so I can’t actually tell you where they came from. Apologies, but they were such a mish to get into that they will only be coming off when my pee situation becomes dire. I’ve paired these with the New Look neon print top that I wore in Loughborough a few weeks ago, and a beautiful old tweed coat, also from New Look. I’ve then finished everything off with a seahorse necklace from boohoo.com that I lost for ages and only recently found. Yay for finding stuff you thought you’d lost! The problem with me and necklaces is that I tend to chew them, so this little seahorse is a tad discoloured, but I think that only adds to his charm and makes him look all vintage. (That’s also a heads-up; if you ever borrow a necklace from me, make a little note that it’s probably been in my mouth at some point).

Also, as an afterthought: I secretly want some disco pants so I can wear them with a crop top and blazer a la Jessie J, but I’m hesitant because the little voice in the back of my head (which funnily enough sounds like my mother) keeps telling me that they’re so so wrong.

Monday in a Miniskirt


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Morning! I was supposed to be at an observation over in Cosham today for some voluntary work I’m doing, but the woman organising it had to cancel due to illness, so today will mainly consist of sitting out in the garden with a book enjoying the rare British sunshine. No complaints there!

Today I’m wearing my grey flamingo top from New Look (which I wore with skinnies a month or so ago) with an old grey New Look skirt which I hardly ever wear because it falls under the category of ‘skirts my mother would be horrified to see me in’. I’ve then finished this off with pink heart-print ankle socks from Primark, because my feet feel all cold and strange if I don’t wear socks, and if I go out at any point (which I will probably avoid at all costs; I don’t think Portsmouth white van men will treat me very kindly in this skirt!) then knowing me I’ll end up in my hench boots.

I also thought I’d ask for some advice on this hat today; I bought this sunhat from Miss Selfridge last year because I was having a Samantha moment (a la Sex and the City) and thought it would go with everything. However, a year later I’ve realised that not only does it go with nothing, but it looks ridiculous on me, so if anyone has any idea what I could wear this hat with, please fire away!

My Hips Don’t Lie (Except When They Do…)


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Morning! I’m slowly running out of clothes in Portsmouth (how come the sun always comes out whenever I chose not to pack shorts?) so today I’ve had a dig to the back of my wardrobe and surfaced this old pillar-box red dress.

This dress, perhaps surprisingly, comes from Primark (as does the floral cardigan), which means that I paid next to nothing for it; cheap clothes do come at a different price though, as this dress is shapeless when not cinched in with a belt, and the material feels cheap, but as I’m working with a student budget this doesn’t particularly bother me! I love the shape that cinching in this dress creates as it gives hips to girls that don’t really have a lot of shape (like me) and reminds me of the type of skirt worn by two of my favourite celebs, Mollie King and Chezza Cole:

I’ve finished off today’s outfit with long grey socks (folded down), a little French plait in the front of my hair and a pair of scuffed-up New Look boots that were lurking at the back of my wardrobe.

A Post from The Future…


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Hello! I’ve finally found the time and place to take some pictures whilst staying at Ant’s house although what I’m wearing today to do nothing in is far from interesting! So, I decided to show you what I’m going to wear tomorrow as I’ve been trying a few things on and decided on two outfits (now I just need to choose hair and jewelery)…

The first ‘event’ is a BBQ; I may need a jacket but from my limited supply of clothes (oh, how I hate packing ‘light’!) I’ve decided on a nice but casual outfit of my usual H&M high waisted shorts and a top that I got from Forever 21 in Birmingham the other day. The top looks like an average, slightly cropped grey t-shirt from the front but the back is sheer and almost seems to be pretending that it’s a dip hem dress. I love it! It was £9 or so with my student discount and I can’t wait to wear it tomorrow.

After the BBQ were heading in to town so I needed an outfit to get changed in to. I got this American Apparel skirt a few days ago after wanting it for MONTHS so I’m also giving this a test drive. Its a dark denim in a short, full circle cut and it looks good with just about every top I tried it on with so it’s perfect for day or night; I can see this getting a lot of wear! The top I think I’ve decided on is a Henry Holland one from last summer but I still love it so I put it in my suit case again this year, glad I did! I’ll be wearing my lips in the brightest pink I have with me and my ever so trusty black wedge shoe boots (because theyre the only heels I could bring with me but also because they’re so wearable).