Welcome to The Floordrobe, where we like to be pretentious and show off about being occasionally able to shop at Topshop.


Kirsty (Twitter: kirstyrachel)

English and Creative Writing student, 19, from a practically non-existent village near Brighton, England. I’m a socially awkward, raging vegetarian who lives in mini skirts, cat jumpers, long socks and chunky boots, and have absolutely no idea what I’m supposed to be wearing (i.e. what is trendy). My sense of style is a little bit retro, a little bit nerdy, a little bit granny and a little bit glammy. Boom.

Lizzie (Twitter: lizzies_face)

I am 19, from Worcester, England. As a student I spend much time flailing around aimlessly – I may not know where I’m going, but I’m damn well going there in some nice shoes. I like ankle boots, pendant necklaces and layers. Slightly rock’n’roll Grandma, slightly rural art teacher. If it has glitter, I’ll fight ya for it. But let’s have a cuppa first?

Olivia (Twitter: liviaa_clack)

I’m 20 and a student in Portsmouth, being from somewhere near Stoke means that everyone ‘down here’ thinks I have an ‘accent’. I have a tendency to buy small skirts and dresses which are inspired by other decades (which decades they are, I don’t know). I own just 3 pairs of ‘trousers’ which means that I have a swamp of tangled tights. My current “five year plan” (which everyone should apparently have) is to own more handbags but I might need a bigger wardrobe first!

Becky (Twitter:@BeckyyHarmerr)

20, student, blogger and general lover of clothes. I adore minimalism, print and timeless pieces and always try to rummage around shops and the web for bargain versions of bank busting items! Also generally obsessed with nail art, cats, trashy tv and depressing poetry.


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