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Long time no see! Everyone’s been massively busy with coursework recently (yay for 3rd year!) but I’m currently having a few hours of down-time after my postmodernism exam this morning (joy of joys!) and thought I’d post on here for the first time in approximately five billion years. I’m not wearing anything very exciting, but I adore these leggings and wear them all the time, despite the fact that virtually everyone I know seems to hate them.

These New Look leggings are my new babies; they’re all woolly and soft on the inside so they’re ridiculously warm, and I nearly always choose them over jeans nowadays. Also, they’re really versatile; you can dress them up and wear them to the pub, or chuck on a hoody and wear them to a lecture. I’ve paired them with the trusty cat jumper, which, considering I’m twenty, I really wear much too much…

I would usually wear a top with a collar underneath this jumper so that the collar could poke out over the top, but, being a student, all my tops like that are in the wash. #studentpains

I’m going out tonight with the Creative Writers and I’m planning on wearing my H&M bird print skirt; this skirt is incredible as it sucks you in at the middle and makes you look tres feminine. The only unfortunate feature that it has is that I find it goes with virtually nothing! Beyond a black top, I can’t find anything that suits this skirt, which obviously limits the amount of times you fancy wearing it… Le poo.