Hello! Portsmouth is pretty grim today and I’ve been on my own all weekend (bf is on a field trip to BARCELONA, no fair!) so I spent the morning moping around and then decided to put on a cute dress and my new shoes to make myself feel better! I had a two hour lecture this afternoon and decided to wear this Primark bargain which I had to get because I LOVE dachshunds (plus I have one) and when I first saw it in Birmingham there were none in my size so I was super happy when I found one in Liverpool a last month!

This dress is just what you expect from Primark; my only complaint is that there are no belt loops but it doesn’t come with a belt so that’s fair enough. There is also a top version which is nice too but I preferred the dress. (Belt is from H&M)

Today I also received this Chelsea Girl Dress from River Island and I was trying it on so I thought I’d get a photo. I got it in the student sale so it cost me £20 and I wouldn’t say I’m overally impressed with it for that price but I’ll keep it any way because I like it. Reason I say I’m not too impressed is that the material is not how I was expecting it (certainly no better than some things in Primark) but the buttons are nice and the belt is decent compared to some which you get “free” on a dress. It’s also quite tight for a size 8; once you get it on it seems fine but it’s really hard to get on! Couldn’t get my thighs through the waist to step in to it and could hardly get the waist over my bust to put it on over my head. Bit of a dilemma, for a moment I thought I was going to be stuck in it!