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Afternoon! I’m back at uni which means I can start posting on here again as my internet is hideously slow at home. Also, as I got a border collie puppy a couple of months ago (I know! Eeeeeee) I haven’t really been wearing many interesting outfits as she likes to chew/generally destroy things.

Today I’m taking advantage of the sunshine to get my short-shorts out; this stripey pair are from New Look, as is my burgundy collared top. I would have left it there, but this top is notorious for sweat marks (le eww) so I’ve covered it up with a denim-look shirt from H&M. I’ll then chuck my hench boots on when I go out, et voila.

I also thought I’d show off my most recent purchase: bright red, shiny disco pants from Missguided. BOOM:

I can’t wait to wear them as they’re really cool (and SO bad), but I wouldn’t recommend buying from Missguided and both I and a friend have had nightmare experiences; my disco pants were late, faulty (i.e. ripped), customer service was bad and it took them ages to finally send me a new pair, and my friend had a similar experience (in fact, her replacement dress ended up somewhere in Kent… and we’re not from Kent). Damn their pretty clothes and awful service!