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I’ve had a really manic couple of weeks and that, paired with the fact that it’s not really that convenient to do floordrobe posts when I’m at my parents’ house, means that I haven’t got round to posting on here at all recently. Anyway, considering that today I’m just wearing shorts and a cat jumper (ofc) I thought I’d post up the outfit that I wore for a ‘house-maintaining-the-temperature-party’ (as it’s already been fully warmed considering we’ve lived there for a year) from a couple of weeks ago.

I found my top in Primark a few weeks ago, and at £3 it felt like I was stealing it, but it’s the sort of top that goes with everything (I could even wear this to the gym if I wanted to!) and the friend that I was with at the time liked it so much that she went back the next day to grab one for herself. Cue phoning each other up at 9am to check that we’re not wearing the same thing! My purple and pleather high-waisted shorts are from New Look, and they were the sort of shorts that look much better when you’re wearing them than they do on the hanger. Don’t judge before you try! I originally wanted some disco pants (correction, I still want some disco pants) but I was more than happy to end up with these instead for £19.99. I finished everything off with heeled ankle boots and a slick of eyeliner, et voila! Well, I used a tad more make-up than just a slick of eyeliner, but we’re not supposed to admit to that, are we?