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Afternoon! I’m not really wearing anything particularly exciting today but I thought it was about time I posted something! (Also I think I need a little break from lying outside like a starfish because I’m starting to go a tad pink…)

Today I’m wearing a slouchy black cat top that I bought yesterday from H&M on a bit of a whim; you can find it here for £7.99. It’s a perfect beachy t-shirt as you can easily shove a bikini on underneath it then whip it off when need be, but I reckon it’ll look good with jeans and a baggy knitted cardigan in winter as well. Winning!

I bought these palm tree print shorts from New Look a few months ago when we had a couple of weeks of nice weather and so far I haven’t managed to get a lot of wear out of them, but I’m hoping now that the sun has come back out that I’ll get to wear them a lot more. I couldn’t actually find them on the New Look website to link to them (they might well have run their course in stores now!) but quirky shorts seem to be pretty much everywhere so there’ll be similars all over the place.

Right: I’m going back out into the sunshine with a Carling!