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Afternoon all. I’ve been in a bit of a rubbish mood for the last few days so I haven’t had the motivation to wear anything beyond jeans and a hoody, but today is a new day; the sun is shining (ish), the tank is clean, and we are getting ou- the tank is clean.

Being serious though, the Olympic torch is coming to Portsmouth today, so I think it’s the perfect occasion to actually make an effort.

I’m aware that I’ve worn an outfit very similar to this before; consider this, if you will, the mildly overcast version. I’ve paired my New Look high-waisted lace shorts with a plain grey polo neck sweater (which I call my ‘hickey sweater’; I wore this once to hide a giant lovebite from my parents. I swear that is not my reason for wearing it today!) and finished the look off with pink ankle socks and a long seahorse necklace from boohoo.com.

I also thought I’d show off my age-old New Look raincoat; I don’t tend to get much wear out of this coat as I usually wear coats for warmth as opposed to dryness, but it has protected me perfectly well against the freak July rain that we’ve been having.