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Last night the boyfriend and I battled through the grisly weather to go out for dinner, and before we left I took a few very rushed (and therefore slightly blurry, sorry! I also may have forgotten to smile…) photos of what I was wearing.

Unfortunately my camera dims colours a bit, but you get the gist; I paired a dusky orange H&M dress with a navy New Look sweater that I bought during that whole Cheryl/military phase. Due to the British July weather I tried to warm up with a pair of tights and thick Primark socks, and I finished everything off with my hench boots and a spritz of Flowerbomb perfume. I’ve been wearing this perfume ever since my first semester at University, and apparently shortly after I first bought it Aston of JLS fame said something along the lines of ‘if girls keep wearing flowerbomb I’ll be married soon’, so now whenever I tell people the name of my perfume, they respond with a little smile and ‘ahh, you’re a JLS fan then?’

I suppose it’s not the worst association, but I’m more of a Marvin person myself.