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The reason that I haven’t posted in a while is pretty much the same (yet not quite as exciting) as Lizzie’s reason; I’ve been away avec mes parentes on the Norfolk Broads. Considering I’m slobbing about in jeans and a baggy jumper today (don’t judge me; have you looked outside?) I thought I’d do a quick post on what I wore on my holiday.

On Monday (first picture) the weather wasn’t perfect, so I wore my New Look cat jumper with my navy midi skirt, clear tights and hench boots. Clear tights were really handy on this holiday, as obviously when you holiday in England you’re not guaranteed lovely weather, so chucking on some tights and a mac can warm you up a tad without begrudging you the chance to get your pins out.

On Tuesday (second picture) I paired my green Miss Selfridge dress with the aforementioned cat jumper and, once again, my hench boots. I also stole my mother’s mac when it started to drizzle, but this was all worth it when we bumped into baby pygmy goats. I cannot begin to explain how adorable they were.

From Wednesday onwards we were blessed with glorious sunshine, so I embraced that in striped short-shorts and an orange collared top, both from New Look. I finished this off with my River Island trilby (which is from the men’s section, but I have a unusually large head. Or perhaps men who shop at River Island have unusually small heads? We will never know). I wore that trilby again on Thursday with heart-shaped sunnies, my floral New Look crop-top and my high-waisted H&M skirt. Et voila.

I apologise if I’ve gone tediously on and on in this post, but I just had too much to say! I’m not going to include absolutely everything I wore because I recycled a lot of stuff, and sometimes, such as when I was in the shower, I wasn’t wearing anything at all, and I don’t think it’d be wholly appropriate to post a picture of that on here.