This post is about sandals, obviously. So, I apologise if you hate feet (as much as I hate my own) because there is a picture (although, I rubbish one)…

I’m out in Germany for the summer now and the weather so far has been sunny, yay! A few weeks ago I was hunting for some new sandals as last years rubbed my poor pinkys to death when I wore them this year. When it comes to sandals I like something really easy and would generally just go for a flip flop but they’re no good for an impromptu game of badminton in the garden.

Cue these new colourful bargains from the Aldo sale, just what I need walking around in the garden (to and from the sun lounger/BBQ).


There are loads of sandals like this around at the moment (my second choice were some “Get The Look” ones from Next) so I was spoiled for choice but I ended up going for these because they were leather and brighter coloured. I’m wearing them with my yellow shorts and a cream top with a tonne of sun cream (and I still look red already, cry!).