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Afternoon! It’s not quite as warm in Portsmouth today as it has been recently, so I’ve decided to cover up a little (my mother would jump for joy if she knew I’d said that), and as I have a school governor meeting tonight it’s important that I look a little bit smart too. Therefore:

While digging around in the back of my wardrobe I found an old pair of jet black skinnies which, after much jumping and tugging and jiggling and wiggling about, I managed to squish myself into; however, once I’d done this I realised I didn’t look in the label so I can’t actually tell you where they came from. Apologies, but they were such a mish to get into that they will only be coming off when my pee situation becomes dire. I’ve paired these with the New Look neon print top that I wore in Loughborough a few weeks ago, and a beautiful old tweed coat, also from New Look. I’ve then finished everything off with a seahorse necklace from boohoo.com that I lost for ages and only recently found. Yay for finding stuff you thought you’d lost! The problem with me and necklaces is that I tend to chew them, so this little seahorse is a tad discoloured, but I think that only adds to his charm and makes him look all vintage. (That’s also a heads-up; if you ever borrow a necklace from me, make a little note that it’s probably been in my mouth at some point).

Also, as an afterthought: I secretly want some disco pants so I can wear them with a crop top and blazer a la Jessie J, but I’m hesitant because the little voice in the back of my head (which funnily enough sounds like my mother) keeps telling me that they’re so so wrong.