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Morning! I was supposed to be at an observation over in Cosham today for some voluntary work I’m doing, but the woman organising it had to cancel due to illness, so today will mainly consist of sitting out in the garden with a book enjoying the rare British sunshine. No complaints there!

Today I’m wearing my grey flamingo top from New Look (which I wore with skinnies a month or so ago) with an old grey New Look skirt which I hardly ever wear because it falls under the category of ‘skirts my mother would be horrified to see me in’. I’ve then finished this off with pink heart-print ankle socks from Primark, because my feet feel all cold and strange if I don’t wear socks, and if I go out at any point (which I will probably avoid at all costs; I don’t think Portsmouth white van men will treat me very kindly in this skirt!) then knowing me I’ll end up in my hench boots.

I also thought I’d ask for some advice on this hat today; I bought this sunhat from Miss Selfridge last year because I was having a Samantha moment (a la Sex and the City) and thought it would go with everything. However, a year later I’ve realised that not only does it go with nothing, but it looks ridiculous on me, so if anyone has any idea what I could wear this hat with, please fire away!