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Morning (just)! Today is shaping up to be one of those ‘I’m not sure what I’m up to so I’ll just dither about sorting out bits and bobs’ days, and to do that I’ve dressed part casual, part PE lesson.

This jumper was a comfort buy from the mens section in Primark, and every time I see a cocky Portsmouth lad walking round town in one I always wish I were wearing mine; the expression on his friends’ faces when they realise he’s wearing the same jumper as a girl would be priceless… Anyhow, this jumper set me back something ridiculous like £6, and I’ve paired it with royal blue shorts from New Look which I call ‘my PE shorts’, for obvious reasons. I’ve finished everything off with navy blue ankle socks, a couple of loose curls in my barnet and my Nike dance trainers, mainly for comfort, but also because I didn’t want to end up wearing my hench boots for what must now be the 100th day in a row.

I tried to find these trainers on the Nike website so that I could link them for you, but I ended up getting hideously lost amongst all the pictures of fit people. Le cry.