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Hello! I’ve finally found the time and place to take some pictures whilst staying at Ant’s house although what I’m wearing today to do nothing in is far from interesting! So, I decided to show you what I’m going to wear tomorrow as I’ve been trying a few things on and decided on two outfits (now I just need to choose hair and jewelery)…

The first ‘event’ is a BBQ; I may need a jacket but from my limited supply of clothes (oh, how I hate packing ‘light’!) I’ve decided on a nice but casual outfit of my usual H&M high waisted shorts and a top that I got from Forever 21 in Birmingham the other day. The top looks like an average, slightly cropped grey t-shirt from the front but the back is sheer and almost seems to be pretending that it’s a dip hem dress. I love it! It was £9 or so with my student discount and I can’t wait to wear it tomorrow.

After the BBQ were heading in to town so I needed an outfit to get changed in to. I got this American Apparel skirt a few days ago after wanting it for MONTHS so I’m also giving this a test drive. Its a dark denim in a short, full circle cut and it looks good with just about every top I tried it on with so it’s perfect for day or night; I can see this getting a lot of wear! The top I think I’ve decided on is a Henry Holland one from last summer but I still love it so I put it in my suit case again this year, glad I did! I’ll be wearing my lips in the brightest pink I have with me and my ever so trusty black wedge shoe boots (because theyre the only heels I could bring with me but also because they’re so wearable).