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Morning! I have a school governor meeting today which requires a relatively smart mode of dress, considering pretty much everyone there is either someone from the council or someone from a school and therefore the room is full of suits. Unfortunately, being a student, I don’t own any suits, so I tend to go for the ‘smart with an edge of glamour’ approach, like today:

This Miss Selfridge dress (or as my boyfriend calls it, the ‘leprechaun dress’) was a tad expensive at £40something (I want to say £42?) but has been worth the money, as not only is it comfortable, but it’s also appropriate for pretty much any occasion; I’ve worn it to lectures under a knit cardi and to a wedding with a pair of killer heels. Today I’ve paired it with a pair of Primark heart-print ankle socks, and will later chuck on my hench boots (because my meeting is a bit of a walk away, and therefore comfortable footwear is a necessity).

I’m also off to pick up some coursework and grab a few library books to kick start my dissertation research (because I’m an eager beaver who gives themselves work to do over the summer like some sort of weirdo) so I’ll be taking my uni bag with me which looks tiny but actually fits a whole bunch of crap inside. However, as pretty as it is (and as reasonable as it was at £22 from New Look) I wouldn’t recommend getting a bag like this as the clasp broke within weeks of buying it, and it’s a nightmare to open/shut now!

Peace out girl scouts!