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I’ve got a couple of hours to kill while my housemates are in a scary Law exam before we meet up to go bouncy castling (no joke, no joke) at the Union, therefore:

I didn’t think it would be best to wear a skirt if there’s a risk I may be airborne at some point, and it’s a bit chilly for shorts, so today I’m wearing Primark skinnies with a Miss Selfridge cat vest and a little cotton H&M shirt. I wanted this cat top when I saw it in Miss Selfridge ages ago, but I thought at £20 it was priced a bit steep; however, it’s now been dropped to £10 which causes me to become a very happy bunny. The only thing that concerns me is that I don’t think I could ever rock sunnies like that, but the cat somehow makes it look cool. Out-styled by a cat. Balls.