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It’s a little chillier outside today than it has been recently, and I’m in a jeans sort of mood, so I’ve decided to cover up a little more than usual. I also feel like I owe it to my legs to cover them up today considering they were (unintentionally) flashed about a lot yesterday!

Today I’m wearing dark Primark skinny jeans with a crop-top reading ‘Cherry Bomb’ (Runaways reference FTW!) from River Island. This top is actually two sizes too big for me, mainly because they didn’t have it in my size when I wanted to buy it, but also because I don’t think it really matters what size you wear a top like this in because it’s designed to be baggy anyway. To keep off the sea breeze I’m also wearing a grey boyfriend blazer from Primark, and I’m planning on stepping out in my hench boots later (which I would have worn in the picture, but they’re downstairs, and I’m lazy). Bob’s your uncle.