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Evening all! Today I went for lunch with a good mate and then to a school governor meeting, so I wanted to be comfortable but smart at the same time. Unfortunately I seemed to forget that Portsmouth is windy and wore the floatiest skirt I own, which meant I had to do a lot of panic-grabbing, but c’est la vie.

This dress is actually deceptively short; I suppose because the back is longer, I didn’t realise how short the front was, which seemed to please a lot of bug-eyed white van men. Hmph. This striped, navy dress is from the AX Paris section of New Look, and I’ve paired it with a freebee belt that came off another skirt, Primark ankle socks and Graceland heeled brogues. This outfit proved perfect for the lunch to meeting transition and I officially love these shoes as I managed to walk about in them all day (and play crazy golf, FTW) and not get sore feet.

Also, possessing a streak of inner-granny, I did the sensible thing and took an age-old Jane Norman white cardi with me. Mother would be proud.