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The housemates and I are hosting a cheeky barbecue tonight, so I thought I’d try out a hairstyle that I used to do all the time on my long hair; after much awkward pinning I can conclude that this does work on short hair (as long as you can get it into a little ponytail).

Step 1: Start with dry hair. Pin up the top section (if your hair is longer, you might want to use three sections) and curl the bottom section by clamping the hair into your straightener at the root and twisting the straightener as you move it down. Your curls can be as rushed/messy as you like as you’re only going to pin them up later. Like so:

Step 2: Let down the top section and curl that in the same way (or, if you’re working with more than one section, curl each one until all your hair is curly). Then mess the curls up by running through them with your fingers and backcomb lightly, brushing it back over your head to remove your parting. You should end up looking like a big mess like so:

Step 3: Scrape all your hair back into a mid-height ponytail (well, whichever height you like really) being careful not to smooth it down too much. Secure it with a hair tie, then twist the ponytail round the hair tie to form a little bun, and pin the crap out of it. You can pin as much/as little as you like depending on how messy you want the bun to be, but I find that this part tends to work easier with long hair, because if bits fall out of the bun when your hair is long, they tend to gracefully fall in curls, but with short hair you end up with strange bits sticking upwards. #firstworldpains. I also had to pin a bit up under the bun that was too short to fit in the initial ponytail, but as it’s a messy look this doesn’t matter.

Step 4: Finally, finish off the look by messing it all up a bit with your fingers or with a teasing comb and spritz some hairspray over the finished look. Et voila! Not only is this look versatile as it’s both smart and casual, but it’s also relatively easy to do and took me ten minutes.

I also thought I’d briefly show my barbecue dress, which is a floral number from New Look. The only problem with it is that you can’t do the bugger up yourself as it buttons up at the back!