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It’s not massively easy to do floordrobe posts from the homeland (or massively necessary considering we’re horsey and I therefore live in jeans and boots/wellies), but as I haven’t yet been bothered to unpack any of my jeans, I’m using the clothes I found squashed at the back of my wardrobe

These clothes are all an age old, with my striped top being an old birthday present and my lacy dress being an old New Look dress that I got for £7 because it had a small rip in it which I later sewed up. I have a friend who nearly always buys reduced items and fixes them up, and she managed to bag herself a slightly ripped River Island skirt for £5 instead of £25 once, which after a couple of stiches looked like new. Bang tidy. While this dress pretty much fits like a glove anyway, I’ve cinched it in with a studded belt that came as a freebee with an H&M skirt; an entire outfit for £7 … anyone would think I’m a student!