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Evening all; I finished my second year of University this morning and am therefore freeeeee, so I’m celebrating the way any normal student would: reach for the bottle. Therefore, I thought I’d just have a speedy sesh on here in order to post up my pub-wear for tonight.

I’ve paired denim with leather today, matching an H&M leather dress (£24.99) with a long H&M denim shirt (£14.99) that I’ve tied up at the waist. I considered leaving the shirt loose and cinching the whole thing in with a skinny belt, but after testing out both I decided I preferred it this way. I bought this dress on a complete whim last year and have only managed to wear it once so far as I find leather a bit daunting, but I feel like the denim shirt does a good job of dressing it down. If you have a similar dress and, like me, don’t know what to do with it, I saw (through facebook stalking, but let’s not go there) that a girl I know had paired the same dress with a long chunky necklace, killer ankle boots and a messy up-do, and it looked lush.

No more pictures of myself I’m afraid (not that anyone’s crying about that) so here’s a red panda playing with a pumpkin instead.