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My Dad came to visit me today in order to fix my beloved car (I broke down on the dual carriageway last weekend. Le cry.) so today’s outfit isn’t particularly exciting; somehow I didn’t think it logical to wear a summery dress with the knowledge that I would probably be poking around under the bonnet at some point.

Today’s weather pretty much summed up my idea of England: glorious sunshine one moment and chilly and cloudy the next. Therefore, I went for the easy option of Primark grey skinnies, pale-pink New Look top and red leopard-print H&M cardigan. Despite the fact that my best friend (who is fashion mad) claims red and pink look awful together, I think that bold red clashed with pale pink look lush, and my first year of University saw me frequently showcasing the red-hair-with-pink-outfit look, a la Cheryl/Cherry Cole:

I thought I’d also show off my necklace today; I have absolutely no idea where it came from, but if I remember rightly, it was a birthday present from Daddy Franks a few years ago. While I love long necklaces, they often annoy me by swinging about during the day, and I’m much more into dainty, pearly pieces like this than big chunky poke-your-eye-out jewellery.

I’ve gone a bit picture-crazy today… but this is okay, as everyone likes pictures. Yes? Yes.

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Oh, also, I wore a trilby today, from the Men’s section of River Island, primarily because I have an extraordinarily oversized head.