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Considering the exam period is upon us, I haven’t been particularly wearing anything other than jeans and baggy tees recently, but when I woke up this morning to find glorious sunshine outside, I was motivated into wearing something a little more girly.

Today I’m wearing an old, deep-purple, silk top from H&M, paired with a simple grey H&M skirt and studded belt. Considering my love for skater-dresses, I really love the shape of a fitted top and flared skirt; this sort of shape looks good on pretty much anyone and is wearable pretty much anywhere.

The dress in the middle is the dress I wore a week or two ago to my 20th birthday outing; you can find cheap-and-cheerful skater dresses everywhere you look at the moment, and this stripey number only set me back £20 (I think) at New Look. The skinny belt was unearthed from the back of my wardrobe (god knows where that came from!) and I finished the whole look off with socks and hench boots. Et voila! Perfect pub-to-club wear.

While we’re on the subject of pub wear, I went for a casual drink with my housemates last night and needed a lecture-to-pub transition outfit, so I turfed out the New Look zebra jumper, pairing this with pink skinnies and a collared top.

I may have overwhelmed you a tad with all the jumbled up outfits today, but I felt like I needed to redeem myself for my laziness when it comes to blogging!

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