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I have a really quick post for you today “inbetween” my essay writing (ok, so I haven’t started yet, today) since its deadline day tomorrow and I just wanted to quickly glorify these purse pleasing shorts. They were £7.99 from H&M and although nothing particularly special (what do you expect at that ridiculous price) they are just what I wanted/needed. They come in a fair few colours including this rather dashing yellow 😉 and have a sort of tough, “I wish I was denim” texture about them (although they’re just cotton); I’m not really going anywhere today so I’m just wearing them bare legged with my Mango navajo jumper and theyre going down well so far as a combo for sitting at a desk in comfort (:

 I couldn’t find a link for these on the H&M website but theyre from the divided section so look there in store.

Now, finish assignments!