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I came back to Uni last week with every intention of getting back on here and posting religiously everyday, but obviously that hasn’t happened. Cry. My main reason behind this is that I had my End of Year Dance Show yesterday, which meant that I spent most of the week nipping in and out of rehearsals in leggings and t-shirts, which you probably didn’t really want to see.

I’m still slobbing about in navy jeans and an oversize man’s Primark sweater (don’t judge me; you’ve probably got one too. And if you haven’t, you need one. One of the best things about being a girl is being able to rock men’s clothing), so I thought I’d just show off this baby, that I’m currently saving my pennies for. How gorge is this dress? Wantwantwantwant. This is a dress I would totes go braless for, and I don’t usually say that lightly.

They do it in nude as well, and I’m not sure which one I prefer.