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Today, I present to you a little stash of summery goodness!
It had been a while since I had bought myself any of the kind of jewelery which you pick up in a sale for around £2.50 since I had been showered with jewelery gifts for the past birthday and Christmas (thanks everyone!) so I went for a little sale hunt and found some bright coloured delights which I can see getting a lot of wear this summer.

First off, I got this from Topshop for a few pounds (5) and I can see it making a fun addition to a simple dress. Watch this space because you’re going to be seeing it here, with all its bits and bobs, a lot.

Next is this teeny skull and tassel necklace from ASOS, it’s on a short pearly chain and with the skull only being about the size of my fingernail I find it rather cute.

Next, a really simple long chain necklace with a flower on from Pieces at ASOS will still brighten up something a little plain without being as busy as perhaps, the first necklace I posted. Could probably have made this myself for less than half the price… before this was reduced they were selling this for £7, theft if you ask me!

Moving away from necklaces now, I have this bracelet (asos again). It’s simple and I really appreciate things which you can tie yourself because of my small wrists. A nod towards gummy bracelets without ending up looking like you’re from the 90’s (although that’s pretty cool too right now, so I’ve heard).

And lastly I have some new large earrings (asos). I’ve been wearing the same old things to get my occasional big earring fix for quite a while now so they needed to be demoted and these are the perfect take over for me; they’re a bit geometricy, a bit aztecy and a bit like a piano. Oh, and to kill two birds with one stone, my nails are Barry M Nail Paint in Lemon and I’ll just say I’m not impressed with the colour or quality. Five coats and still not really true to bottle colour? No thanks.