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Yesterday was my 20th birthday (TWENTY, yes, twenty years of age. No longer a teenager. Weeping inside). Had a lovely relaxed day followed by no less than two birthday cakes and a round of Pub Golf, not to mention a rather croaky voice this morning. Here is what I wore in the day.


This is the ultimate white t-shirt. The one. The one I have been looking for. Perfect fit, perfect thickness (i.e. not transparent), deep V – H&M I salute you. Might have to go buy it in every colour. The scarf was an uncharacteristically well-chosen christmas gift from my big brother, the watch is my gorgeous present off the famalam, plain ole grey Dorothy Perkins skinnies and the moccasins were my early birthday pressie to myself (because I’m worth it). They are beautifully made and also the softest things in existence, its like walking on a cloud.