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It’s Friday, Friday. I’ve gone a tad equestrian today (homesickness, perhaps? Considering it’s only been a week, I’d say probably not, unless it’s operating on some subconscious level), pairing jeans with lighter tops so that I’m prepared for whatever the bipolar British weather decides to throw at me. Unless it snows, in which case I’m fu-

I’ve gone for a smart yet comfortable look today, covering up the same orange top that I wore yesterday with a plain, cream sweater. I can’t remember where this sweater came from, and I can’t be bothered to take it off and look in the label, but as it’s so simple, it’s the sort of thing that you can pick up easily from somewhere like M&S or Debenhams. I’ve finished this off with a pair of brown New Look skinnies.

Also, I’ve literally just finished reading ‘The Magic Toyshop’ by Angela Carter, and I would thoroughly recommend, not just because I’m a Carter nut, but because it was really, really engaging, in a creepy ‘Enid-Blyton-for-grown-ups’ kind of way.

Go. Unless you want to borrow it from me, in which case, come.

(And yes, the cover does denote a girl being hypothetically raped by a swan. Go figure.)