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Another rushed post this morning as Thursday is my ‘run-around-like-a-headless-chicken’ day, and for some reason my internet is going ridiculously slowly. Maybe someone in my house is downloading a film or something. I’m showcasing a brand newww top this morning that Mummy Franks kindly bought for me over the Easter break.

Previously mentioned brand new top is from New Look, and I’ve combined it with a plain pair of Primark skinny jeans, a white Primark cardi and my hench German boots. By combining colour with casual-wear, I can be comfortable today without feeling bland. Also, as I’m supposed to be going for a meal with the other half tonight (£5 Fire & Stone FTW), I didn’t really want to wear anything that would restrict the food baby, so jeans and a pretty top are the way to go.

Also, check out the beast that I get to carry around all day today! Not only is it such a huge book that it doesn’t fit into my bag (due to the extortionate amount of dirty pictures inside) but it’s filthy, in an Englishy metaphorical ‘let’s say “budding flower” when we actually mean vagina’ kind of way. Ya get me?