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I too was confused by the weather today. I dressed prepared for cool and drizzle and left the house only to be blinded by sunshine. I was only going out for an hour any way; to do a presentation so naturally I dressed smart *cough*… I’m only really doing an outfit post as a formality today since i’m not wearing anything interesting (partly because i’m so lazy and haven’t unpacked all my clothes from my visit home yet, oops), I just want to get back in to posting after my easter break :).

(Sorry for poor photos, as usual!)

This is just a h&m sweater with this river island skirt, this cute little watch and my first, ancient (well loved) Paul’s Boutique bag which came out for the short outing today.

Any way, the main point of my post today was to reccomend TRESemme Split Remedy Leave-In Treatment to any one who wants a cheap and easy way to fix their moderately bad split ends, I honestly noticed a difference after one day!