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The weather greatly confused me this morning; after expecting a repeat of yesterday’s dreary, rainy bleuurghness, I opened my curtains to glorious sunshine. However, I still don’t fully trust our British weather, so I’ve chosen the old dress-and-tights combo today.

Today, I’ve paired one of those cheap-and-cheerful Primark dresses (the ones that cost about £2 … they’re so cheap you literally could wear them once and chuck them away guilt-free if you wanted to) with tights, red ankle socks and my trusty River Island chunky knit cardi. I usually get my socks in massive bumper packs from Primark (considering it doesn’t take me long to wear holes in them with my hench boots) but these plain red ones were a tad more expensive from H&M and have lasted much longer than my usual Primark buys.

Considering my life is pretty much coursework/dissertationshizz/morecoursework/failingmiserablyatSuperMario, I don’t really have anything interesting to show you, so here’s today’s footwear. These sweet little flats set me back about £20ish from New Look, and look adorable with ankle socks. The only problem I’m finding with New Look shoes at the moment is their sizing; I used to be a 6 there, and I’m now miraculously a 5.5, so unless they’ve changed their sizing system, my feet must be shrinking …

Peace out, girl scout.