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Today is another lovely day! I had a nice little pub lunch with Becky and then we went on a library book finding quest. Success! I’m still a little sniffly and had a coughing fit earlier today but although I said I wouldn’t yet, I let some sunshine to my legs and feel much better now. Success again!

I chose today to debut this lovely new ‘paisley’ tunic, in my opinion its not really a paisley pattern but i’ll go along with what the website (/debenhams) says. Its super comfortable and made me feel all light and floaty, three winning factors right there. I really wanted to wear this with my new black flats; mine were getting a bit tatty so I replaced them with this Schuh bargains, £20 (reduced from £50, proper leather and everything) but alas I have some blisters on my little toes from the weekend so today was not the day to break in new shoes.

I also thought I’d pop a pic in of this eye shadow which I wore today, won from this lovely blog; I don’t normally buy body shop makeup but I’ve found that this is perfect for a light day time look even though there are a couple of dark colours in there – it’s much more shimmery than it looks in that picture too 🙂

Dress: IZABEL London (also in Debenhams)
Shoes: Schuh
Eyeshadow: The Body Shop