The sunshine is out! My housemates and I had our inaugural BBQ yesterday, which means it is spring. Fact. It is also impossible not to feel happy when the sun is shining (even when youre inside doing work – boo!). Nipped out this morning to catch some much needed vitamin D (and stock up on rich tea biscuits, to get me through, naturally).


Even though this top is black, its so sheer that it still feels light and spring-like (it doesn’t photograph well sadly). I very much enjoy Primark’s rang of oversized sheer pretties. I also forgot I had these jeans (jeggings?). They’re olive green and from River Island and I love them to death except you can really only wear them once before they need a good tumble dry to spring them back into shape (bit of an ish when youre a student with no tumble dryer, err..). But don’t you just love remembering a favourite item of clothing. They fit so perfectly. I am a big fan of getting my ankles out. The beautiful belt was a gift from my mama, it’s from Accessorize and goes with everything.

Now go out and play!