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Morning! Apologies for the lack in posting; between faffing over my Dissertation proposal and jumping around in leggings in preparation for my End of Year Dance Show, there hasn’t been enough time in the day to think about dressing beyond jeans and a tee!

It’s a beautiful day in Portsmouth today, so I’ve gone for a ‘2012-leg-debut’ situation.

I’ve seen a million girls wearing this H&M Beatles tank top (which leads me to question, how many of them actually listen to The Beatles? Hmmm? … Let’s not go there). My shorts were in the New Look sale for £7 (and you can see how I wintered them up here); my beige cardi was from Primark, and my trusty German boots were from some trusty German shop that I can’t remember the name of.

I’m planning on finishing off the whole look with my aviators when I nip out later, which I would have taken a photo of, but they’re downstairs and I’m upstairs (and lazy), so here’s my £22 New Look bag that I take everywhere.