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I’ve been feeling a little poorly for the past few days but I did not want it to ruin the nicest day of the year so far. The Portsmouth lads were out in full force wearing their ever faithful shorts (but then again, when do they take them off? I’m sure that flip flops are nailed to their feet, too.) and the locals were out wearing nothing but leggings for trousers. So, I grabbed a trusty floral dress (years old, shame!) and a denim shirt and got on my way. Although, I did wear leggings, the world is definitely not ready for my legs yet! Maybe after easter when I get a tan from being in Germany, in my dreams…

I also put my sunglasses on my head, just for good measure, as you can see in the picture which I had to upload because my hair looks like I have some kind of serious blonde streak going on! Promise I havn’t been doing my hair like Rogue from X-Men 2…

So basically, all the clothes are ‘old’ but just in case you wonder… Shirt: Newlook, Dress; Asda, Sunnies; D&G and of course the Shoes; Miss Selfridge.

Now, I must go back to complaining about being ill and complaining about my work, definitely what I do best! x