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I meant to do this post much earlier today, but I may have got myself so engrossed in drinking tea and ploughing through dissertation research that I accidentally forgot about it …

Today’s outfit is pretty casual, as I’m off to see my friend sing-a-linging in concert tonight, and I don’t really fancy picking tights out my bottom while trying to drive there. So.

I found my silk top crinkled up at the back of my t-shirt drawer this morning while looking for something else; I got it when I first came to Uni (Sept 2010) in H&M. It only seemed appropriate to wear it considering I found out for the first time today that silk comes from silkworms (thank you Gok Wan) and it filled me with much blonde awe and wonder. My jeans and cardi are cheap-and-cheerful Primarni, and my hourglass necklace is Accessorize.

Also, yes, those are Shaun the Sheep slippers. They cost my mummy (thanks for the pressie!) £12 from BHS and I wear them all the time. The only reason I haven’t chucked any shoes on is because I didn’t want to smudge my freshly-painted minty green nails. Don’t judge me for the sheep. I’ve named them and everything; the left one is called Shaun, and the right one is called Shaun. (You secretly want them, don’t you?)

Nail Polish: Barry M in ‘Mint Green’.