Today has been one of those days. I rushed around like a headless chicken this morning trying to get to an early lecture with very little time to spare before the bus and looked for an easy outfit since I had not yet put away my laundry. I have no idea what possessed me but I put on a pair of JEANS. This may seem normal to many people however I probably only wear jeans once every few months (literally) so my boyfriend was particularly surprised; I could tell when he looked me up and down and said “Are you wearing jeans?!” before I left, reassuring.

I think this outfit on the whole looks/feels a little bit 90s but I’m feeling sorry for myself today and it sure was comfortable (apart from the jeans, they were weird). Definitely glad that I bought this jumper, such a bargain from Mango at £22.99 even if their delivery service was slacking, can’t wait to wear it with something a little more interesting (:

Jumper: Mango
Everything else, Old! (Converse, Swatch, Hilfiger Denim)

I must now go and post a parcel of home made biscuits and chocolates to my Nan, I hope they arrive in better time than my jumper did! X