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Today I’ve attempted the 90s cringe that is double-denim. To be fair, I haven’t really worn anything brave, going for jeans and a tee, but this just shows how easy double denim is as long as your denims are different colours. It’s also a perfect way to channel student-style, as it’s comfy enough to study/snore/play Doodle Jump through lectures in.

(I look kind of sad in all today’s photos. I’m most definitely not. Then again, my face does tend to do things without me telling it to. Damn face.)

I’ve been eyeing up this ‘Wild Cat’ t-shirt from Miss Selfridge for a while now, but when I cast my beady eye upon it in the sale a few weeks ago, I knew I no longer had any willpower and snatched it up for a tenner. It’s actually a crop-top, and because I live in Portsmouth, I’ve chucked a black tank-top underneath it so I don’t shiver-me-timbers and/or get hit by a boat (sorry, went a bit weird there).

I’ve worn these Primark grey skinnies way too much recently, but they go with everything! My denim shirt, tucked into my skinnies because it’s freakishly long and gives me a strangely-proportioned-extra-long-body, is from H&M, and my lilac trainers are from Lacoste.

Here’s another picture of my face.

Also, I want this. I don’t need this, but it’s got a chihuahua on it, therefore we all need one. I need to stop filling my car with shit I don’t need. Except this car-shit I really need. Really.