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Last night I went to see the amazing Florence and the Machine live in Birmingham. (anyone who knows me, knows/tolerates my love for Flo. She is completely and utterly my idol in all areas of life.) What do you wear to see the queen of vintage lace and spindly wrists?!? I wasn’t even gonna attempt to imitate her look, as she could out-blouse me from one hundred paces. So I went for the cute & kooky look instead – think Zooey Deschanel gone abit wrong. Plain Topshop skater dress, Monsoon denim jacket from  lightyears ago, Primark dotty tights, cheap-o New Look weave belt and my trusty (read:falling apart) New Look moccasins. Top with my fave 60s up-do, and commence dancing around singing my lil heart out.


(for those wondering, yes Florence dressed to impress. There was a cape involved. I’ll leave it at that.) x