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I’ve tried to squish my blog post in before my seminar this morning, so it’s still pretty early, thus the usage of the not-particularly-imaginative word ‘nice’ in the title. So far today, I’ve also already managed to delete all today’s photos, and then had to trawl through my recycling bin looking for them, and to add salt to the wound, WordPress decided not to play ball and it took me forever to upload them. Bleurgh. Technology. However, moving on, I’m channeling Portsmouth today in my nautical stripes and sailor skirt (complete with anchor buttons).

I’m also channeling ‘student style’ today, as my top and sweater are both from Primark, and my skirt is an old buy from New Look. I’ve got the hench boots out again (because when is it not acceptable to get the hench boots out?) that I found in a weird German shop at home. It smelt really weird, but their shoes were gorge.

Also, on a completely unrelated note, I thought I’d present you all today with Albert. My boyfriend bought him for me yesterday, and he’s so cuddly that I don’t really need a boyfriend anymore. Isn’t it ironic? (Don’t you think?)