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As of today I can offically say I am in love with my miss selfridge blazer, I only wish I had more things to wear with it and that it wasn’t dry clean only. Today I wore it with a simple old H&M skirt and a New Look top which I recently bought. I love the hint of summer colours in the top and, did I mention that I love the blazer?

I also wore lipstick today and as I’ve previously mentioned, I’m not really a fan but after a rummage around the other day I ‘found’ some which my Mom bought me last year but I’d shyed away from in my lipstick fear. I decided to wear the one below today and I was pleasantly surprised :). I have three which came together so now I’ll have to try the others, also finding that they’re really cheap is a bonus for my purse in the future if i’m looking for something new but not too pricey!

Top: New Look
Blazer: Miss Selfridge which is also here.
Lipstick: L’Oreal Color Riche in Pretty Peach

I’m off to tuck in to some chip shop chips now, first time in ages! x

Ps. here’s a picture of the bracelet I bought for my Mom’s birthday. It consists of aquamarine pebbles, fresh water pearls and swarovski crystals and its so pretty that I kinda wish I could keep it for myself!