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According to H+M ponytails need an update! This hair ring just comes in gold (looking out for a silver) and really makes a scruffy updo look a little more refined. It clips incredibly easily,just tie your hair as you would normally and it simply snaps together! I normally hate having my hair up but I fancy making a change, partially because this hair ring would be a waste of hard earned student dollar if I didn’t.

As for the outfit the beaded tunic is from Topshop and the Denim Shirt is from Ebay ( bidding bargain). This tunic is still short for a short person so leggings are a must…It doesn’t fight well against breezes.

Had a god awful day so I will now try and recoup by ordering some lovely books for my kindle, having a read and continuing to eat the unheathleast things in my fridge.

Becky xoxo