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After a few days spent blitzing through coursework, I’m not really in the mood to make myself look presentable in order to take numerous photos of myself. However, to re-motivate myself, I’ve had a tea break, had a brief nail-painting sesh and have paraded around in front of a camera like a big girl.

My one-shouldered, orange dress is from H&M, as is my gold-studded belt, which was a freebee with the skirt that I wore on Friday. I tend to struggle with finding dresses that fit me right, as I have broad shoulders and hips but a little waist, so this belt is perfect for cinching in dresses that are a tad too baggy round the middle. I can’t remember where my long, purple cardi is from, but after maneuvering myself awkwardly in front of the mirror, I found that the label says ‘atmosphere’, so this baby was obviously a cheap find in Primark.

My socks are Primark (as they always are; my excessive boot-wearing causes holes to form in my socks at such a rate that I refuse to pay more than 50p for a pair!) and I got my leather mid-calf boots years ago from New Look.

I thought I’d showcase my nails as well as I can via webcam; the nude undercoat is 17 Lasting Fix Nail Polish in ‘Forever’, and the glittery top-coat, Models Own in ‘Juicy Jules’, was a birthday present from Lizzie. You can’t go wrong with glitter.