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As Dissertation season is upon us, today has so far consisted of ploughing through Uni-work, and will continue in that manner pretty much until I go to bed tonight, so I fancied wearing something girly and springy in order to keep myself motivated. As soon as my housemate told me that the air is pretty still outside today, I instantly thought of this poofy number.

Due to obvious, seaside-induced, gale-related issues, I don’t get to wear this skirt very often in Portsmouth, which is a shame, because this staple H&M skirt goes with everything and creates a feminine shape, cinching me in at the middle to give me faux-hips. In fact, I’m pretty much advertising for H&M today, because my denim shirt, which has been featured before, and my t-shirt, reading ‘Precious Poodles’ are both from there. There have been many debates amongst me and my mates over whether or not the poodles are lovers, and if so, which one is the female (if any; I don’t know if poodle homosexuality is possible. It would be pretty damn cool if it were). I’ve finished everything off with my chunky German boots over navy socks.

I also thought I’d take the opportunity to show off this quaint little bookmark the mother bought me last Christmas; being an English student, bookmarks are always going to come in handy, and these little glittery owls are so adorable that I refuse to hide them from the world. Moral of the story: mother sometimes gets it right!