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It’s an uncharacteristically gorgeous day in Portsmouth today, therefore it feels like a great opportunity to abandon the hench winter coats and adopt something a bit lighter. The thing that I like most about this look is that it’s perfect for the lecture-to-pub transition; the jeans dress it down enough for the classroom, while the blazer dresses it up enough for a drink.

I’m having one of those ‘run around like a headless chicken’ days today, so I’m wearing classic jeans and a retro tee, which, shameless as I am, I got from Primark. They’re actually doing some pretty cool retro/classic/Disney/etc tees in there at the moment for £6, and today I’m showcasing the Popeye version. I’ve paired this with my plain denim skinnies, which I snapped up from Primark for £8 years ago and are still fighting fit.

I’ve finished off the whole look with a pale-pink New Look blazer that my mum treated me to a couple of years ago and my beloved heeled brogues from Graceland. While they do have a 2-3 inch heel, it’s pretty thick and therefore fully supportive; I can even handle cobblestones in these babies.