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No full body post today, try as I might I cannot manipulate my body into a pose that doesn’t make me look all weird and angle-y. Maybe its because this plum Primark jumper is 3 sizes too big for me (sometimes you just need a jumper that makes you feel all small and cosy), hence making my legs look like toothpicks.


I actually just wanted to post pics of this necklace, its a super kooky locket that I got from a summer fete in the village near my home a couple of summers ago. I love browsing the bric-a-brac stalls because posh old ladies give away well nice stuff. The fastening/fixing looks a bit 1930s but its weird to see a perfectly circular locket. Haven’t found anything to put into it yet, I have massive love for lockets but nothing seems to have enough significance to go in them (sadface).