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What a horrible day for weather in Portsmouth! I didn’t have too much to do today apart from hand in some work so I thought I’d go and traipse around town for a while, it looked a bit drizzly so I tied back my hair and decided to brave the winds. It was nice and I had a chocolate orange shake away but I was glad to get home to my dressing gown!

You’ll be glad that today’s picture is not of me in my dressing gown and more of me looking like an evacuee of some kind.

I’m not wearing anything new to share with you today (h&m jumper and skirt, next coat, Primark tights & TK Maxx (Edina Ronay) bag, nothing special) but I thought I would say, I’m wearing what is possibly my favourite lip ‘stuff’ of all time. Its a Clinique Chubby Stick (chunky cherry) and it layers in to a really good colour; i’m a massive fan of things which pretend to be lipsticks but aren’t dry and flaky! Which is why i’m really  excited to try the new Revlon Lip Butters when they come out here, I think I need a hobby… Any way, it may be a little pricy for ‘lip balm’ but everyone should own a chubby stick, i’ve had mine since the summer and it’s now one of my essentials.

ps. i’ve got a new Mango jumper and ASOS skirt coming so watch this space for some ‘new stuff!’ posts (: