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Happy Monday! I’m back in le pomp, and feeling springy, so I decided to attempt the trusty trilby today. However, it wasn’t until I got out the house and actually realised I was in le pomp, which is possibly the windiest place on the planet, that I decided to abandon it. Regardless of the fact that I’m not actually wearing my trilby today, I’m showing it to you anyway, just because I’m listening to Beady Eye, which puts me in a trilby sort of mood. Make sense? Non?

Said trilby was found last summer in the men’s section of River Island (because I have an alien head and can’t fit into women’s hats). It wouldn’t be a normal day if I weren’t wearing something with an animal on it, and today’s animal of choice is a flamingo, which you can wear yourself for £12.99 by skipping over here. My jeans and brogues are from New Look, and I can’t for the life of me remember where my cardi is from, but if anyone wants one, it’s a plain, off-white, knitted cardi with gold buttons. And to make the transition into nighttime, when I nip to the pub later, I’ll add a touch of pink lippy and my sky-high pink heels.

This hat is a brilliant way of disguising the fact that my second-day hair looks pretty rank today. Le cry.