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Today I went for a mass shopping trip with the mother, so I wanted to rock something all-day wearable, yet also kick-ass enough that it says ‘get your filthy hands off that last pair of Topshop heels’ to any stroppy shoppers.

It would be breaking tradition to not slip in a little apology about the quality of my photos, therefore: due to the lack of daylight, these photos aren’t looking too hot! Apologies. Also, bottom left hand corner: I’ve definitely been photobombed by a seal.

My shorts (with belt) were £7 in the New Look sale, and my nerdy kitty jumper can be found here for £14.99. My collar is part of the Primark top that I wore yesterday, and my heeled brogues were a recent buy from a shop called Graceland, which is basically a more granny/country version of Clarks. I have no shame.

I have an unhealthy addiction to cat jumpers.

Also, look how adorable this monkey is! I didn’t buy it on a complete whim; I needed it. Seriously. I needed it.